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Why unlimited hosting plans sucks

Do you have a blog? Or do you want to start one? If the answer is yes then I am sure someone tried to sell you something called unlimited hosting plans, and in this post I am going to tell you why unlimited hosting plans sucks.

Most famous hosting companies like Hostgator, Dreamhost, and Bluehost, all promise unlimited hosting plans,unlimited space, unlimited domain names, unlimited everything.

That sounds great. You can grow, start multiple sites, and you never have to worry about moving anywhere else, right? There’s one little problem…

The problem with unlimited hosting plans

It’s a big  lie.

If you read their terms of service, everything is unlimited … until they decide you’re using too much. That’s when you get an email from customer support telling you they are shutting all your sites down.


Because “unlimited hosting” doesn’t really exist. It will never exist. In fact, it is an illusion that helps them to make more sales because the know that if you’re a beginner you have no idea on what is going on there.
When I started out, I had accounts with all of these companies, and they were fine as long as my sites weren’t getting any traffic. They’re perfect as long as you don’t need them to actually DO anything. I have a proof see in the image below.
Why unlimited hosting plans sucks

That is what i am talking about,when i started getting a little bit of traffic(between 15000 and 20000 page views per month),problem started.

But when you get a traffic spike? Or your site slows down? Or you have a technical glitch?

You’re on your own. Here’s why:

In the hosting industry, there’s a little something called overselling.

Shared hosting plans is like sharing a house with your friends. Sharing a house with a few of your friends can be fun, but what if you had to share that same house with 50 people? Or even 2,000 people?

All of a sudden you’re in hell. Doesn’t matter how nice the house is.

Well, that’s what overselling is: sharing a house with 2,000 people. The shared host puts thousands of sites on a single server, basically banking on the fact that most people never really get any traffic.

And if you do start to get traffic, what happens? They will either shut your site down or demand you upgrade to a more expensive plan.

I’ve seen it happen dozens, maybe hundreds of times to our students. So, I’m no longer recommending ANY company offering an unlimited plan.

You’re much better off with a company like SiteGround that gives you transparent pricing.

By the way, they’re still offering a 60% discount on all their plans. Click the link above for more details.

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