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The huge problem with starting an online business

The huge problem with starting an online business

There are many problems that are associated with starting an online business but for me, there is a huge one and this is it:

It Does Not Cost Much At All To Start An Online Business And That Is Also A HUGE PROBLEM!

I can start a blog for free using free resources.

I can sell affiliate products without investing a single cent or even having a website or a blog and don’t have to create anything myself.

I can slap Adsense ads on a page and earn money on clicks without selling a single thing!

I can run special offers on popular marketing forums.

I can have a site up with nice graphics, hosting, an auto-responder and more for less than $100.

That means anyone can enter this business and that’s a great thing.  However, it’s also a bad thing too.  It’s bad because so many people fail because of it.  They fail to finish things or have the business knowledge necessary to treat this as a business.

Basically, people start-up one thing on Monday… only to start up something completely different on Friday!  They just don’t treat this like a business.

Start treating this business as if you invested your life savings in it and that it depends on you, that you have burned the escape routes down and you now have no choice but to make it work.

Six figures are found on the other side of your ability to laser focus on one thing until it hurts so bad you can’t stand it!

Six figures are waiting for you to get really good at:

  • Product creation
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Tech
  • Long term thinking
  • Laser Focus
  • Self Belief

The minute you realize this is the case… the minute you realize you have to get good at the above to make any kind of long term income… the minute you start taking action and improving these areas… that’s the minute you start down the path to six figures.  Your ability to stay on that path will get you there faster than you ever thought possible before.








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