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The About page

Too many business owners design their entire website full of great, interesting and relevant pages only to whip off an about page at the last minute. When this happens, that page is usually one paragraph that gives a very brief overview of the company, without really giving the customer any information about the company at all. While it may tell the customer when the company began and what it does, it doesn’t leave the customer with a feeling that they really know the business and who they’re dealing with.

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So how can you change that?

First, start with your mission statement and if you don’t already have one, create one. Ask yourself what your company does, what problem it solves for your customers, and what inspired you to create the company to solve that problem. Put this in everyday lingo that doesn’t include a lot of industry jargon and that, most importantly, evokes some kind of emotion on the part of the customer. This is a great way to start an About page, and it will leave customers wanting to read on to find out more.

Next, use your About page to show customers who you really are. After all, most of your website is probably focusing on your customer (as it should) so this is the time to really talk about yourself and who you are. It doesn’t have to be all text. Pictures accompanying staff profiles and even videos showing events work very well, too.

It’s also important to show your personality on your About page. For many businesses, especially those that are selling products directly from their website, it can be difficult to do that in other areas of the site – especially if the tone is kept very formal. So don’t be afraid to jazz up the About page and let customers know that while they’ve reached a professional website, they’re still dealing with real people.

Lastly, include a call to action. This is important throughout the entire website, but most businesses fail to place a call to action on their About page. Just because you might be using this page to tell the customers more about your company and show them who you don’t mean that you don’t want them to do anything with that information. Plus, you want to keep the action you want customers to take at the top of their mind, so remind them of it every chance you get.


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