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My name is Lusekelo Hudson…it’s so good to meet you!

If you’re new here, let me sum up what everything on this site is designed to help you do: it’s designed to help you to start making money online.

If you’re like most people who start an online business, you really need to make money online. But you keep bumping into obstacles that hold you back: like picking offers, building squeeze pages, driving traffic, making sales etc.

I get that. I’ve had my share of personal struggles as an online entrepreneur, but with time I learned some stuff that helped me a lot.

But there’s a way to battle back, and that’s what this site and the resources I write are all about. Throughout this site, I share everything I’ve learned through about starting and running an online business.

In my opinion, the fastest way to start an online business is to pick up a high converting offer, get an autoresponder, build a squeeze page and a thank you page and send some traffic to the squeeze page. This seems to be very easy but yet most people fail to make money online.

The solution is that you need very clear instructions on how to do them, and Jason Fulton does it very well in his program called fusion.

You can get fusion here for less than $15 and you can be in online business in less than 24 hours.


Also, there is a stable and long term way to build an online business and in my opinion is building a blog, but as I said it may take longer to start seeing any profit. You can learn more about this method here: