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Solo Ads-best paid traffic method for beginners

Traffic generation is one of the reason why most people struggle to make money online, there are a lot of ways to generate traffic, free and paid. From what I have learn online I think if done right solo ads are the best paid traffic method for beginner.

There is arguable no better way to generate leads and new business that by using solo ads.

Introduction to solo ads

What are solo ads?

If you’re just starting out in this online marketing space this phrase has probably been thrown around quite a lot. And you’re probably wondering…. What exactly IS a Solo Ad.?

A Solo Ad is a form of email advertisement (a list “rental” if you will) that is sent out to an entire or portion of an email subscriber list. They’re typically sent as dedicated emails – so the entire message is all about your promotion.

Solo Ads-best paid traffic method for beginners

Here’s how solo ads work…

They work like this: You prepare a landing/squeeze page and when it is ready you contact the owner by using Facebook, email or via their website. You order the amount of clicks you want, after finishing the payment process, you send them your solo ad copy and they will tell you when your ad will be send.

If all goes well, those subscribers will click, and some of them will convert and subscribe to your list, if you can make 30% or more of those clicks into subscribers you can consider that your ad was successful.

Solo Ads-best paid traffic method for beginners

Who solo ads would work best for

Solo ads work the best with affiliate marketing if you’re in oversaturated niches like weight loss and make money online, if you are a beginner and you have some cash to spend you should definitively try solo ads.

Also they work best with programs with high earnings per click or if you just want to test your landing page.

Benefits that come from using solo ads

If you compare with other online advertising methods, solo ads are a very cost effective method of reaching a lot of people. A further benefit is your ability as the advertiser to find email lists that are targeted to your specific niche.


Why Solo Ads are the best paid traffic method for beginners

It is easy

When you’re a beginner and you want to test paid such as search engine traffic or Facebook ads there are a lot of variable to consider. Your landing pages must comply their guidelines, there is quality score and a lot of headache that for a beginner can be too much to handle.

But with solo ads, you just need an ad copy and the link to send the clicks, and most of solo vendors are marketers, you can just them if they think your squeeze page will convert and most of them they will give you advice for free (they want you to buy).

You can start small

Another reason why solo ads are the best paid traffic methods for beginners is that, you can start small, you can start with a budget of just $20 and test it out.

You can buy click from $0.2 to $1 per clicks depending on where you buy and the quality of the email list.

Note: There is no guarantee that the higher price is the high quality traffic you will just need to test out.

It is scalable

As I said before with solo ads you can start small and if it works go by bigger package if not move on and test another solo ads vendor.

The price is constant

Unlike other paid traffic methods, with solo ads the price per click will remain the same for the entire campaign, if solo vendor agrees to sell you $0.5 per click if you pay $50 you will get 100 clicks or more not a click less.

The 5 Steps To Placing A Solo Ad

There are 5 basic steps to sending out a solo ad which are as follows:

  1. Choose a congruent landing page (or create one if you don’t have one)

If you have a landing page just make sure it is congruent to your solo ad copy, if you don’t have one you can create one.

   2. Write the email copy to put in the email (the only goal here is to sell the CLICK)

Some solo vendors will do this for you, if it is not the case just write one for yourself and give it to the vendor.

3. Find a list owner who has a large list which is congruent to your niche or offer

You will need to find a solo ad vendor, later in the article I will tell you how to do so.

4. Set up your tracking.

You need to track your click you can use free tracking like bitly or if you have your own WordPress blog you can install a plugin called pretty link. The best option though will be to use a professional tracking software and my highest recommendation will be click magic.

You can try click magic for 14 days for free here.

 5. Pay for the ad and book your mailing with the list owner

Most solo vendors accept PayPal or major credits card, just pay for the service and wait for the traffic to come in.


Rules to Creating a Successful Solo Ad Campaign

Come up with a catchy subject line. 

Try to keep the subject line short, sweet and appealing.

Keep it relevant

nobody hates anything more than clicking something and getting directed to something completely different, you might get a high click rate, but your opt in rate will be terrible. As well as your unsubscribe rate will go through the roof!)

Use creative language throughout the email.

Keep your email conversational and simple. Use simple words and provide VALUABLE information for your reader.

Be specific with what you are advertising. 

Be clear in your intentions of the email. Make sure everything written in your email is written with a purpose. Do not confuse the reader with what they are reading, or with what you are offering.

Be sure to include links to what is you are promoting. 

Give the reader multiple options to choose from. Everyone is different. One person may want to read a post on the latest cooking techniques and the other may want to watch a video.

Make sure you know your target audience, and what they opted into your list for.

If the squeeze page told them that they were getting on a list to receive more information about tea kettles, don’t send them an ad on auto parts (common sense stuff guys, but you’d be surprised). This will more than likely cause them to unsubscribe from your list, and mark you as a spammer. And if you didn’t know, both of those things are not good at all.

How To Find A Solo Ad Vendor

To find a suitable solo ad vendor you have three basic options.

1) For me the best source of soloads is Udimi.Udimi is a soloads marketplace,this means you can sell and buy solodas there.

Another thing i like about udimi is that they control the quality of vendor clicks so the possibility of being scammed is very small.

You can join udimi today and order your first solo ad in the same day.


2) Another option is to find someone in a forum such as the Also you can join some of Facebook groups where you can find solo ads vendors,

My recommended Facebook groups



Ad swaps

You can either advertise what you are looking for, or you can approach advertisers and ask them about placing a solo ad. This is the most time consuming method. But if you have a good look around, you can easily find the right people you are looking for.

  1. The most advanced (but the most effective method) is to search Google for keywords related to your niche. Just google niche + solo ads for example weight loss blogs.

Solo Ads-best paid traffic method for beginners

Start writing down the websites that have an opt-in form on the front page above the fold (without having to scroll down the page).

The idea is to find marketers with large lists in your niche, but are not advertising they’re running solo ads. Once you have written down your list of targeted people, you start contacting them to ask if you can place a solo ad with them.

This strategy is far better than searching for people that sell solo ads.

Those who advertise they offer solo ads, regularly bombard their list with offers. And obviously the list becomes less and less responsive over time because the subscribers get tired of being asked to check out another offer.

Things you should do after finding a solo ad vendor

Solo ads are typically offered by one-guy (or one-gal) sellers. In other words, you’re dealing with the list owner directly. Because of this, there’s some risk involved.

Fortunately, there are ways to tell if you’re dealing with a good list owner and a good list:

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Avoid people who make big promises. For example, guarantee signups or guarantee sales, don’t fail for that no one can guarantee those.

Also you should avoid those who promise thousands of clicks for just few bucks most of those clicks are fake clicks.

Use Forums

Use forums, friends and any online resource you can find to verify that the list owner and their list are worth your money.

Don’t trust testimonials

Not every testimonial you read online is true. It is not a good thing to say but it is true that, but some sites are still posting fake testimonials. Don’t think everything’s fine just because you read 10-20 glowing reports on somebody’s site.

Ask questions

Ask the owner how their list was built. Of course, they may not tell you the truth, but at least you’ve asked. And hopefully you’ll get a realistic answer back, like “I build this list by buying Facebook ads and sending them to a squeeze page”. If that’s the answer you get, consider asking to see the squeeze page. Subscribe to it, see what messages and offer he/she is promoting.

Ask them how often they mail to that list. They may say every day. That’s not a total red flag, as some lists as used to being mailed to that often. But if I was buying a solo ad, I’d want to hear that they mail to that list no more than 2-3 times a week.

Ask them which type of offers do well with their list. Is this a list that’s great for capturing email addresses, but not so great for high-ticket items? Is this a list that likes free trials, or free eBooks? Do they tend to like video tutorials, or text auto responders? If you have time and the will to do it, consider crafting the email message you send so that it appeals to what this list responds to.

Also it is important to take into account how long they take to respond your questions, if they take too long it is not a good sign, probably they’re trying to hide something, they are not serious or they have a lot of orders and neither one is a good thing.

If you’re satisfied with the answers and you want to test them you can ask if they offer first time buyer discount, ask them if they have frequent buyer discount, this type of questions will help to save some money for your next solo ad.



For me this is the best paid traffic for beginners and as the matter of fact I made my first online sale using solo ads. You can read my story here

How i Made My First Sale

For some it will work like charm, solo ads work great. They’re an affordable way to build a list fast or to blast exposure for a product launch and for the other not that much.

Keep in mind you will rarely be successful with this strategy on your very first ad. If I was you, I wouldn’t be expecting a home run with your first solo ad.

So, don’t give up if the first mailing is a massive failure.

The only way to learn is to make mistakes. Correct them. And to keep moving forward.

Just keep tweaking and tracking your ads. Remove what doesn’t work. And stick with what does work.


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