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This is how “selling online” works

Selling online is not a hard process and yet a lot of people fails. This is not because they have bad product or bad sales page.

This is how "selling online" works

In this article i am going to explain the mistakes people they make when they try to sell online.Then i will explain a simple three steps formula you can use to sell anything online.

Common mistake people the make when they try to sell  online

Trying to sell to everybody

You can see a person trying to sell his/her product or service or affiliate product,all they do is to try to sell to anybody who they come across.Trying to sell to everybody you will end up selling to nobody.You need to be selling to a small group of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Trying to sell everything

Another mistake that people who want to sell stuffs online make is that they try to sell everything,this is as bad as trying to sell to everybody.Yes it is ok to have multiple streams on online passive income but you need to have a good stratergy and build one business after another and not to try to build them all at the same time.

Those are common mistakes that people make when they try selling online,now let us look at the three steps you need to take if you want to sell anything online.

Three steps you need to start selling online

When you want someone to buy, “selling” isn’t about persuading someone to buy something they don’t need.

Instead, it’s about this:

Step 1: Find someone who has a problem.

This is the crucial part of making someone want to buy from you,you need to find their main problem,remember selling online it is not about you.It is about a buyer.

For example someone whose hair is burning have a real problem,or someone who is overweight have a problem,there are a lot of people with a lot of problems,just find a group of those and go to step two and give them the solution.

Step 2: Show them you can help them solve that problem.

Now you know that your audience have a certain problem,the second step is to show them how they can solve their problem,give them a tip,a step by step solution to solve their problem.

Step 3: Build credibility and trust so they believe you’re not pulling the wool over their eyes.

Before people can buy from you they need to know if the can trust you.The best way to gain strust is to real help them to solve their problem and if your advice helps them,they will trust you and they will buy from you.

My advice on this will be to divide a solution in a step by step plan,each step could be a small action that they can do and see imediate results.

This will give them a momentum to follow your plan and in each step you can recommend a product and by this way they will be buying from you while solving their problem.

This is how selling online works and if you follow those steps i am sure you will start to make some sales and build yourself a passive income.


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