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How to Get More From Old Content on Your Blog

If you’ve read around and you know your stuff when it comes to creating and running a blog, then no doubt you should know by now the value of sharing your new content as you upload it. Create a post, share said post on Reddit, Google+, Twitter, … [Continue reading]

Growth Hacking 101 – Using Influencer Marketing for Your Blog

‘Growth hacking’ is a popular buzz word on the web at the moment and for obvious reasons. The idea behind growth hacking is to ‘hack’ or ‘cheat’ the usual growth trajectory of any new blog and thereby get to the point where you’re bringing in … [Continue reading]

Avoiding Traditional Niches and Trying Something New

Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make when creating your blog and starting to earn money online, is deciding what niche (subject) you want to focus on. What topic do you want to be writing about day in and day out for the next several … [Continue reading]

Health Tips for Full Time Blogger

When your blog starts going well, you might decide it’s time to give up the day job and become ‘ full time blogger ’. This is an excellent feeling and a great moment – all of a sudden you’re able to enjoy true financial freedom and passive income and … [Continue reading]

How to Make Blogging Commitment

Making a blogging commitment is your first step to earn a full time income online,blogging is one of the best way to generate passive income online. If you’re at all interested in becoming a blogger and quitting your day job, then you should go … [Continue reading]

How to Design a Great Logo for Your Website in Easy to Follow Steps

Every great website has a great logo, when I am talking about great logo I mean the logo that is unique and can help to brand your website online. The right logo for your blog will make a huge difference to your ability to be … [Continue reading]

Setting Your Goals

Setting your goals is one of the most important step in your online business, this is the corner point of your online business. If you do not know where you're going, how will you know what the right direction? In our lives, even if we want to … [Continue reading]

How To Become Successful In Online Business

Most people want to become successful but they don’t know how become successful and to be honest I am not sure either. Here is my take on how to become a success in anything you do in life. You must challenge yourself to become … [Continue reading]

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Do you know what happy, successful people think about every day? It’s simple. They think about what they want and how they can get it. Positive thinking  can change your life. When you spend your time thinking and talking about what you want … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Reasons to Build an email list

If you have been in online business for more than a day I am sure you know that ‘’the money is in the list’’. Having your own email list is like having a license to print money. It is the single most important task in your online business. In this … [Continue reading]

15 Tested and Proven Ways to Build Your Subscriber List

The money is in the list. Every so called guru will tell you that and it is true, if you want to make a really money online you need to build your subscriber list. Building your subscriber list is just the first step to your marketing, a list of … [Continue reading]