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Internet Marketing Tips

Internet marketing is a dynamic and intricate business that calls for a specific set of skills, here are some hands-on tips that you can use to propel your business forward. For financial loans that you can use please visit

Internet Marketing Tips

  1. Empathy is one of the most important skills in online marketing. Think from your audience’s perspective. What do they need? What do they want? What problems are they looking to solve?
  2. Stay focused. Don’t keep jumping from one method of making money online to another, choose one, take action and stick with it.
  3. In today’s marketing world, your brand is just as important as your product or service; it’s the thing that makes you stand out from the many others online.
  4. All Internet Marketing techniques need to have a purpose, this means that every single page of your site and sales material should concentrate on some kind of action that you need the visitor to take.


  1. If you are going to do SEO, do it right, and leave all the hype behind. To help you generate more income on your business online just visit the QProfit System review by Do your own testing when you are not sure about the effectiveness of a technique. Look to reliable and reputable sources, like SEOMoz and Search Engine Journal for learning.


  1. To create something that will go viral, create an image, video or written content that is either really funny, really useful, really strange or really controversial.


  1. Organic traffic is most valuable because it’s high quality and it’s free, it’s often also the hardest to get.
  2. Get more traffic to your website by posting your best content on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and attract and connect with a target audience.
  3. Social sites have been dubbed the Hail Mary of business advertising. This is because of how many people it can allow sharing vital information about their businesses.
  4. Social Media is word of mouth marketing at its best, but never take for granted that the word will remain positive.
  5. A huge part of Internet marketing is to pinpoint your target audience, identify their problems and solve them.
  6. The two main ingredients of a successful online business are a high converting site and targeted web visitors to that site, everything else comes second.


  1. In 2014 and beyond, building authority sites is the name of the game.



  1. Your job as an online marketer is to create landing pages that convert, and then bring lots of visitors that turn into conversions.


  1. If you want to be successful online, then learn the meaning of these terms: landing page, SEO, PPC, email marketing, targeted traffic, affiliate marketing, sales copy, ROI, keyword/niche research, WordPress and conversion rates.


  1. SEO is the practice of search engine optimization and its purpose is to rank websites in search engine results that in turn brings organic traffic to your site.


  1. If any “so-called” SEO tells you that you should build thousands of links to your site with the same anchor text, run for your life.


  1. If you choose a competitive niche, then focus on long tail keywords within that niche, instead of one or two-word phrases, those are less competitive and will yield better results.
  2. If you are launching your own product, using affiliates to promote them, they can be your absolute best way to make sales and establish your online business.
  3. Don’t waste money on useless link packages, such as 5000 forum profile links, even when the seller tells you these are high PR sites. Don’t do it even if the sites are PR6, PR8 and PR9, these are useless links that offer no value and can be harmful to getting a big fat penalty from Google.


  1. The business and inner workings of Internet marketing can be overwhelming and often scary at first, but once you learn what it’s all about and the actions are required, it is really pretty simple. Having the guts to even delve into and learn a new business shows you have the guts to do what it takes.
  2. One tip for Internet Marketing is to make sure that you have the right brand name developed and ready, especially when you are building authority sites.
  3. If you’re new to Internet Marketing, Facebook and Twitter are a good way to start engaging an audience and posting useful content about your niche.
  4. Proper keyword and niche research is the first step when developing a new site.


  1. Since everything online is based on keywords, it offers marketers the most precise advertising opportunities, and therefore, can bring the highest conversion rates.


  1. Social media is one of the most important tools in online marketing and can be fundamental to building and maintaining your brand. 52% of brands say social media is their top driver of brand awareness, 33% of consumers say social media is their main venue for discovering new products, brands, and services, there are billions of Facebook users, millions of Twitter users and Pinterest with its 70 million users have a 30% referral rate to e-commerce sites.


  1. The only way to stay in and become successful in online business is to not give up, ever.


  1. Paid traffic, (Adwords) is not for the newbie or the faint at heart, a lot of testing and tweaking is needed to produce a high return on investment (ROI), which can be substantial, or possibly ANY return.


  1. An advantage of Internet Marketing is you can create an advertising message in as little as hours, but, the message can be used for months or even years.
  2. Internet Marketing provides fast availability of information and real-time content delivery, this type of instant gratification helps not only the marketer but the customer as well.
  3. Consider your offers carefully, don’t sell laptops to a weight loss audience.
  4. Forget the “get rich overnight” schemes, they are a pipe dream. Focus on learning proper marketing skills and take action that is how to “get rich eventually.”
  5. Don’t become a victim of information overload! This is typical in Internet and affiliate marketing, always looking to the next great thing, being flooded with various guides on how to rank, how to make money online etc. Learn, but keep it limited, choose a system and take action!
  6. Authority sites have much more longevity online than thin affiliate sites, spam tactics still make money for some, but in reality, those never last. For 2018 and beyond, a successful long-term online business requires more thought and more care.
  7. As far as Twitter and Facebook followers go, their count can be much less important than their quality. Having 100 targeted followers that have a genuine interest in your niche is better than having 10,000 followers who have zero interest.
  8. Make sure each Meta Title Tag and description is unique for each page and that they are relevant to the content on that page and engaging enough to earn a click from web searchers: Click Here For The Best Tablets vs. Best Tablet Computers From Apple. If you don’t write your own, Google will choose for you what to list in their SERPS.
  9. Social media is THE main way content and information is shared on the Internet. It’s fast, cost effective and one of the most powerful strategies in online marketing for virtually any market niche.


  1. When it comes to Internet Marketing, keep in mind that a large number of followers is not enough, it’s also important that you build engagement with those followers and make sure that you have the tools to make people stick around as much as you have the tools to pull them in.
  2. In order to make the most of a social media marketing strategy, you need to interact with your fans and create a true community.
  3. An important internet marketing tip is to create content that is both informative, useful and engaging.
  4. It’s important to keep your content clean, concise, and straight to the point, without leaving out the vital and informative parts.


  1. Internet marketing enables you to customize your message and ads according to customer’s previous purchase history or preferences to yield targeted offers so that campaigns see better conversion rates.
  2. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn can help you sell, not only products but yourself.
  3. When it comes to Internet Marketing content is key! Don’t just think about the number of posts you have, focus on the message you’re trying to deliver as well.
  4. Keep up with current trends in Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. Having lots of content is great, but, if it’s three years old it´s not going to look like your site is much of a priority.
  5. Usually, visitors come to the internet looking for very specific information. That’s why the most successful websites are focused on very narrow, specific topics.


  1. Diversify your traffic sources with paid search, organic, advertising, social media reach, text links, guest posts, joint ventures, viral traffic and affiliates to yield a constant flow of top quality visitors.
  2. Social Media Marketing can be the easiest and most effective way of promoting a service.
  3. Visuals are more powerful than text. 144% of people are more likely to buy a product after seeing a video, 67% of online shoppers say that image quality of a product is very important in making a purchase decision, videos get 267% more social shares and likes than text, and 87% conversions are seen on landing pages that have videos.


  1. One of the advantages of Social Media Advertising is that it can be much less costly than regular advertising.
  2. It is easy to measure results and changeup campaigns in online marketing, as opposed to newspapers or other types of traditional advertising where analysis is much more limited.
  3. One way to establish trust with your customers is by providing vital and honest information.
  4. One essential element of social media marketing is to monitor conversations on every platform.
  5. The best internet marketing technique is sharing your knowledge. There are many ways a retailer can appear as an expert or voice of authority in a certain industry.
  6. Remember that internal links and proper site navigation are essential in web design. This type of optimization has a huge effect on conversions and ensures that customers go where you want them to.
  7. Before a site goes live, it’s a marketer’s job to be sure that the actions they want their visitors to take are not only considered, but also, clearly displayed on the site.
  8. Your voice may be your biggest asset when it comes to audience engagement.
  9. Sharing links to your most useful content is more effective than engaging social media followers in conversations.


  1. Use a social media management tool, like HootSuite, to hone in on problems people are discussing in your niche that you can solve.


  1. Don’t hesitate to form a deeper relationship with your customers by interacting with them through social media.


  1. By taking time to track your account’s traffic you will be able to understand the motivations and interests of your audience.


  1. Write informative articles about your business or products and make them available to online publications and webmasters.


  1. Traffic analysis is fundamental in lowering bounce rates of sites. Where are they going? What are they doing? Where do they come from, come to and leave from? Those are some of the important questions to consider.


  1. Due to its electronic tracking capability, the internet provides the most powerful, the most accurate, and the most effective market testing system ever.


  1. The secret sauce to making money online is to design a website that converts and then do lots of testing and tweaking to perfect those conversion rates.


  1. Never rely on just one traffic source for your website, this can kill your business and efforts overnight.


  1. Determine the value of each visitor, this is based on potential income that can be gained from any visitor, once you have this data you can determine the proper ROI (return on investment) for paid traffic.
  2. The top online influencers have one thing in common, they share only the best content. A powerful content strategy helps to maximize awareness, build credibility and consequently bring a lot more traffic.
  3. Is your landing page delivering what was promised in your site’s META description in search results?
  4. Sitewide links, such as, those in the sidebar of blogs are completely useless in 2018 and beyond, worse yet, they can be harmful as they can trigger a penalty that will lead your site straight to the Google Blackhole.
  5. Contextual affiliate program ads placed on your sites, such as Google Adsense, should be tested and tweaked to find optimal ad placement with the highest conversion rates.
  6. It’s important to use a good Analytics software, like Google’s or StatCounter to analyze traffic and visitors to your site and use that information to develop more effective landing pages.
  7. Facebook offers pay per click advertising on their social network. That is, you pay for every click of traffic that is sent from Facebook to your site. These clicks can be targeted towards certain demographics and age grouped to ensure better click-through rates and better conversions.
  8. The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to increase targeted organic traffic, based on carefully researched keywords.
  9. Content is more important now than ever before. It should always be current, relevant and useful. Answer and solve problems, address questions and concerns, and meet the needs of your target audience.
  10. Choose social media marketing activities that yield results and focus on those. Spending hours on ineffective venues is useless, instead, focus your efforts on those that work for you, this may take some testing.
  11. Learn how to create high converting landing pages, learn the meaning of an effective use of calls to actions, these elements are some of the most important in making money online.
  12. The magic formula of Internet marketing is creating outstanding content and getting it noticed.
  13. The more fresh and original content a site has the greater amount of organic visitors you can potentially get.
  14. Good content will be shared on social media sites, which, in turn, will bring more visits to your website.
  15. Work without distractions, it’s better to work efficiently for 3 hours than to work for 8 without any focus.
  16. Tweet your original content, and analyze which pieces of content get more shares.
  17. If your niche holds big events, such as the tech niche which has the annual CES show, make sure to blog and tweet the latest product launches in real time.
  18. Twitter hashtags allow your content to be tagged with relevant categories and will enable people to find that content easier.
  19. The web audience has very short attention spans, and many people are too busy to watch your 60-minute sales pitch, keep it short, effective, well-targeted and concise.
  20. Join Twitter and Facebook marketing groups, and Google+ marketing communities to network with like-minded marketers and to learn.
  21. Offer freebies to regular buyers and people on your list, don’t just send offer after offer, this makes you look like a money hungry car salesman, and, no one trusts a car salesman.
  22. Only promote relevant products to your list and web visitors, this leads to the highest conversions and a more dedicated list.
  23. Don’t give up! If you’re new and you get discouraged, just remember that everyone started at the beginning, super affiliates had many failures before they saw real success, it’s a process, but if you give up, there is no hope.
  24. Set yourself apart from the competition. There are thousands of companies trying to sell products on the Internet, and your brand and how you deliver your offers need to be better.
  25. Don’t sell your reputation for a lousy commission, it’s more important to cater quality to your list because this can mean a lot more money and longevity in the long run.
  26. There is no time like the present to create a thriving, successful and money making online business.
  27. Create an email list with every website or blog you publish, then cater to that list, send useful information and high-quality products, embedded with your affiliate link, of course.


  1. Limit site navigation to point only to those places where you want your visitor to go. Having hundreds of pages linked to, either in top or sidebar menus only causes confusion and the actions you want them to take may get lost in the confusion.
  2. Focus on conversions, and don’t mess with what works, just rinse and repeat.
  3. Is your opt-in landing page yielding subscribers? If not, then take a look at the incentive you’re offering. Also, review your landing page, ask for advice if you’re not sure to determine the effectiveness of your landing page. There is a section on Warrior Forum where you can submit sales pages for review and get feedback from experienced marketers.
  4. Don’t delve into complex niches you know nothing about, unless, you have enough money to outsource the content or have the time to do a lot of research.
  5. Recycle and repurpose your content, use snippets on social networks, rewrite parts a little and use on microblogs and high-quality article directories.
  6. Work with a qualified social media expert if the ROI makes sense for you. Social media can yield unparalleled results in profits, brand-ability, and overall online success.
  7. In 2018 and beyond, link building is no longer a numbers game, after all the Google updates, quality now wins over quantity. In fact, high volumes of low quality and spammy links can trigger a penalty.
  8. Choose keywords that people are searching for in your niche to optimize your site.


  1. Proper on-site optimization techniques can increase website rankings by more than 300 positions.
  2. Make sure to optimize the Meta descriptions for every single page on your site. Write descriptions that will attract clicks in SERPS, remember you are competing against other sites and web surfers have a lot of choices.
  3. If an SEO company or provider offers guaranteed page 1 rankings, run for your life!
  4. Website rankings can be improved greatly by getting contextual links from high ranking, high PR relevant sites.
  5. Google gives preference to those sites which have unique content and relevant results for the keywords targeted.
  6. Very competitive keywords can take a lot more time and effort to rank.
  7. Spy on your competitors that are ranking on Page 1 and attempt to replicate their results. Traffic Travis is a free tool that will help you to evaluate those links.
  8. Ranking websites take time, work, patience and the correct techniques and knowledge.
  9. Be careful who you learn SEO from, there is a lot of misguided information and hype on the web.
  10. Proper on-site SEO optimization is just an important as off-site techniques, like link building.
  11. In an ever-changing online landscape, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest SEO strategies.
  12. Bolding keywords in content is a very outdated SEO tactic.
  13. Patience is often key to proper link building and off-site SEO, those that rush to rank by building thousands of spammy links might be surprised at the negative results.
  14. SEO is an on-going process, it does not stop when you reach Page 1, and continuous work is needed to sustain the results.
  15. Always offer something unique and better to your site visitors than your competition.
  16. Plan your marketing efforts in advance, set goals, then layout the steps on how you will reach them.
  17. Excel spreadsheets are a marketer’s best friend, they offer great organization opportunities.
  18. Spread your best content all over social media, viral marketing opportunities can bring great results.
  19. Posting stellar content is not enough, you have to take steps to get that content noticed, which, leads to good links and more traffic.
  20. It’s better to get 10 high-quality links than 2000 low-quality spammy links.
  21. Create sites for people, not search engines.
  22. Make sure to have an XML sitemap on your site, these help search engines find all the content you have to offer.
  23. Link wheels were effective at one time, sometimes they still are, but they are considered a link scheme by Google and so you have to be careful how they are created so as to not leave a footprint of their existence.
  24. SEO Quake for Firefox and Chrome provides a great free toolbar that gives important information about website page parameters, including, Indexed pages, WHOIS, number of backlinks, keyword density and much more.
  25. Increase Google page rank and decrease Alexa rank to achieve the best results for your web pages.
  26. Keep yourself updated with the latest Google algorithm changes to ensure healthy site rankings.
  27. Engaging readers to leave comments on blogs offers the opportunity to have a constant flow of fresh content on the blog.
  28. Always moderate comments on your blogs because spamming is a huge business. Akismet and Growmap Anti Spambot are two must have plugins for WordPress.
  29. 5000 blog comment links are no longer an effective link building strategy, and can actually get you a big fat penalty, especially for new sites.
  30. No follow links are as necessary as do follow links, they diversify your link profile.
  31. Search engines can’t read images, so, use ALT tags to provide relevancy to the topics and keywords you are targeting on your site.
  32. The highest quality links come from sites in niches related to yours.
  33. Leave high-quality comments on related blogs to network with other bloggers and connect with a readership that will be interested in your niche.
  34. Copying content and images from other sites infringe on copyright laws and are illegal.
  35. Branding is the new black in Internet marketing.
  36. Videos are very popular with web users, 60% of web users will watch a video versus reading text of the exact same content.
  37. Each and every month there are 800 million users on YouTube.
  38. Create a YouTube channel to market yourself, your site and useful content.
  39. Offer social media buttons on your site within all your content so that people can share your content with an easy click.
  40. Video product reviews convert 80% better than text.
  41. Focus on creating quality content instead of keywords. Overstuffing content with keywords is useless and harmful. Write naturally about the topic, and keep keyword density to a minimum, below 2% is best.


  1. The process of link building should be slow, steady and constant as opposed to fast, blatant and in mass quantities. Quality wins over quantity.
  2. Page 1 results in Google get 91.5% of all search engine traffic for any keyword.
  3. Buying links that pass page rank is a big no-no with Google.
  4. Don’t ignore inner pages on your site, link to them as much, if not more than the home page.
  5. Diversify anchor text as much as possible, use generic terms, brand name and raw URL as anchors more than money keywords.
  6. Analyze your backlink profile regularly, Majestic SEO is a great free tool that shows, anchor text, referring domains, and more valuable data.
  7. Guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic, display your expertise in your chosen niche and to build relationships.
  8. Accept guest posts on your site from quality writers in related niches. Not only will you get high quality and fresh content, it also provides opportunities for more links and more traffic.
  9. When done correctly, guest blogging is a purely white hat method that can yield great results.
  10. Blackhat SEO includes cloaking, mass spam link building, and keyword stuffing.
  11. Reciprocal links in mass amounts, especially those old-school link/resources pages, are useless and can be harmful to your site because they can trigger a penalty from Google.
  12. Familiarize yourself with Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines, especially if you plan to focus on organic traffic as the main source of traffic for your site.
  13. If you are going to hire an SEO, make absolutely sure that they know what they’re doing and they only use white hat methods.
  14. Link out for your content to high-quality relevant sites.
  15. Don’t link out to “bad neighborhoods.”
  16. Press releases are powerful for SEO, make sure they are high quality and only submit to the best press release submission sites, like PRWeb and Business Wire.
  17. New sites should build links at a slow and steady pace, do not create mass links bombs, this will surely land you in the Google black hole.
  18. Article marketing still has value, when done correctly. Avoid low-quality article sites, and stick with the top properties, such as Ezine Articles.
  19. Webinars are a great way to get more subscribers, build traffic, generate leads and prospects and establish yourself as an expert in your niche.
  20. Webinars are a great venue to launch a new product and show off its benefits to a highly targeted audience.
  21. About, contact and privacy policy pages should always be placed on any type of site or blog you create.
  22. Low-quality directory links are very outdated, useless and can cause harm to a site when used in mass amounts.
  23. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online by promoting relevant products on your site to a hungry and targeted audience.
  24. Create an affiliate program if you are selling your own product, affiliates can be your biggest asset in spreading the word about your products and generating mass sales.
  25. Pay per Lead, Pay per Sale and Pay per Click are great affiliate marketing models for affiliate marketers to generate income. In Pay per Sale, money is made if a sale is completed through your affiliate links. Pay per Click pays for each valid click that is made on your site via contextual links, such as with Google Adsense. Pay per Lead pays when a visitor you refer gives his contact information to the merchant site.
  26. Online Marketing is also known as Global Marketing because it offers the opportunity to market to people all around the world.
  27. Newbies to affiliate marketing should focus on learning the proper techniques, but taking action is just an important because the experience is the best teacher.
  28. Promote only relevant products on affiliate sites.
  29. Google Adwords allows marketers to promote their sites by using a pay per click model, where the marketer pays for each click sent to their site.
  30. Look for upcoming trends in various markets and be one of the first to promote the “next best thing.”
  31. Time management is an essential skill in online marketing, there is so much to do, and only so much time do it in, so you have to be good at balancing.
  32. What was once just a blogging platform, WordPress is now the premier and most widely used CMS system that is used to build many types of sites.
  33. Creating a Facebook Page about your business and brand is one of the best ways to drive traffic.
  34. Don’t post too many updates on Facebook at once, give people time to like, comment and share one post then post another one.
  35. Pinterest has more than 70 million users and boasts a 20% referral rate to e-commerce sites.
  36. 47% of Twitter users that follow brands will visit the brand’s website.
  37. Various company’s social media marketing budgets will double in 2014.
  38. Facebook Insights allows you to evaluate important metrics of your page, including, visitors, most popular posts and more, you can find Insights in the Admin Panel.
  39. Google+ communities can be essential tools to promote yourself, network with others and to show off your best content.
  40. The aim of online marketing is to satisfy customers because one satisfied customer brings more.
  41. Site loading speed is an essential element of top rankings in Google.
  42. Word of mouth can be a marketer’s best friend.
  43. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so use pictures to portray your brand, your products and in content.
  44. Product reviews increase conversions ten-fold, whether it’s your products or affiliate products that you are promoting.
  45. Always check and reply to contact requests you get on your site.
  46. 90% of people click on organic results as opposed to PPC results in search engines.
  47. Believe in yourself and this business, stay motivated and keep the negative people that bash online business far away.


  1. Hard work, commitment, and proper knowledge are the ingredients in the recipe for online success.


  1. Outsourcing is a great way to be much more productive and saves you valuable time for doing the most important things in online business.


  1. There is no way to know how many links it takes to rank a site on Page 1, it depends on many factors, such as, the keyword that is being targeted and the volume of competition.


  1. Spammy sites can only get spammy links.
  2. Reputable online marketing forums, like Warrior Forum and Webmasters World, are great venues to ask questions and check out any issues you are unsure about in regards to your online business.
  3. Affiliate marketing can be confusing to beginners, but, once you learn all the steps and put it into action, it’s actually pretty simple.
  4. Internal links within content optimized with relevant keywords can lower bounce rate.
  5. Always analyze, test and measure to improve conversion rates on all your landing
  6. Tricking search engines, especially Google will usually lead to disaster.


  1. Update sites with fresh and relevant content regularly, it will result in endless opportunities for more traffic.
  2. A well-structured site that has easy to follow navigation is the best way to ensure that visitors stay longer and reach all the pages that are most important in a marketing


  1. Be careful who you learn Internet marketing from, there are a lot of so-called “gurus” out there that just want to sell you a pipe dream that’s attached to a big fat commission for them. There are also many honest marketers who teach the real thing, and it’s always a good idea to check out any products you are considering by asking questions on quality forums, like Warrior Forum.


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