How To Find The Perfect Clickbank Product To Promote In 5 Easy Steps

Finding the perfect Clickbank product to promote as an affiliate can be a tricky business especially if you?re new. In this post, I am going to go through on how to find the perfect Clickbank product to promote in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Find your product

Let?s say you search a book for ?dog training?. The first step would, therefore, be to go to the Clickbank Marketplace (

The results you get are ordered by popularity by default, which means that the first match will also be the top-selling product on Clickbank.

Just browse around a few websites to get an impression of which product could be your favorite.

Step 2: Gravity and average earning

I recommend to promote Clickbank products with gravity higher than 20, this will make sure that many people are making money with this product, also make sure that the average earning it at least $20, you want to make at least $20 for each sale you make.

How To Find The Perfect Clickbank Product To Promote In 5 Easy Steps


Step 3: Check the sales page or video

Check out the sales page or video, just make sure the vendor is not trying to be clever, some vendors have AdSense on their sales page, others have their affiliate links to other products, if you see any of these, stay away from the product.

Step 4: Buy the product

I recommend promoting only products that you trust and you know that is good, one of the best ways to make sure that the product you recommend is good is to buy it if you can spend few bucks to buy the product you?re recommending to other how do you expect others to pay for it?

If you?re an established affiliate you can ask for a review copy, if you do not have money and you can not get a review copy you can go to step 5 below.

Step 5: Product reviews

If you cannot afford to buy the product and you cannot get a review copy you can do the next best thing, search on the internet and find out what are the reviews from other marketers and customers.

If there are more bad reviews than good ones probably you should avoid promoting it.

Hint: beware of some shade marketers that have bad reviews for every product in the marketplace, at the end of the review they will recommend their product, this is a grey hat method that some marketers use, do not fall into their trap.

That is it, those are 5 steps find the perfect Clickbank product to promote, if you are new and you need to learn how to make money online by promoting Clickbank products check out this video it will explain to you how.

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