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Five Secrets for Getting Stuff Done

As blogger or online entrepreneur we hit wall many times, sometimes it becomes very difficult getting stuff done, you know you have to write that blog post, or to post it in social media, to write a guest post or any number of things and we tend not to do anything done.
That is the wall. We all hit it on occasion. For any number of possible reasons, we get stuck and just can’t seem to get the things done that need to get done.

Here are five ideas or secrets for getting stuff done, motivated and back on track.

1. Get up and shake it off.

Five Secrets for Getting Stuff Done

Sometimes you just need a quick break. Get up, walk around. Stretch. Grab some coffee or a glass of water. Taking a short break can be just the ticket to help you refocus and re-energize.

2. Put it on your calendar.

Five Secrets for Getting Stuff Done

Use whatever calendar method works best for you, but as soon as you identify a task you need to accomplish, calendar it. You can get a personal diary, you can try penzu is a great tool for managing tasks.

3. Set a tighter deadline.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of “I have a week to get this finished, and it will only take me a couple of days.” Next thing you know, the week is almost up and you have a day to finish the task. Set a tighter calendar deadline for yourself to combat procrastination.
Just make sure you don’t set unreasonable deadlines for yourself, or for your client. You’re just setting yourself up to deliver late and that isn’t good for anyone.

4. Set goals.

Set a daily goal to accomplish your task list. If it’s quitting time and the list isn’t finished, either power through or get to a stopping point.
A good stopping point is a place where the next task is simple to do. This makes it much easier to start the next day than facing something monumental.

5. Dangle a carrot.

Give yourself a reward occasionally for getting things done. “If I finish this project early, I’ll go play golf Friday afternoon.” Doing this will make working an extra hour or two on Thursday more worthwhile and keep you focused.
Just don’t use this trick all the time. You have to develop good work habits and consistently get things accomplished.

Those are five ideas or secrets for getting stuff done, motivated and back on track, go and start applying them today.Good luck.

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