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This Is Exactly What I did To Make My First Commission Online

I still remember how I made my first commission online, this happened in august 2013, I started this online thing in the same year in January but I was just clicking ads here and there and making nothing, I remember one day I made like $7 but I couldn’t cash it out so I don’t count that.

This Is Exactly What I did To Make My First Commission Online

When I applied the process I am going to describe to you I managed to get my first commission online of about $22.57

Then one day I saw a video from Russell Brunson, he was giving away a free squeeze page maker ,if my I think it was called 90 seconds squeeze page.

Russell Brunson concept was very simple find a product three products in the same category(niche) that convert, build a squeeze page, use one of the product as your thank you page, write 3-5 emails to promote each product and put the sequence in your auotresponder, then drive traffic the squeeze page. Repeat the process as many times as you can.

So these are steps I used to make my first commission online

1.     Choose a niche

That must be a niche that you’re interested and that there are a lot of people willing to pay money for that niche). Then choose a product from that niche.

For me I went for big make money online niche and I choose to promote dotcomsecrets(it was very famous back then and owned by Russel Brunson himself) from clickbank.

2.     Sign Up Getresponse (I want a Long term fight, so this is a must)

If you want a long term success you need to get an autoresponder and one of the best in the market is getresponse, so I went there and created account with them.

3.     Created a squeeze page 90 seconds squeeze page then put affiliate link in thank you

Back in the day Russell Brunson had this free squeeze page creator, as now he owns a better software named clickfunnel, he decided to discontinue it.

If you’re just starting out inside getresponse there is a squeeze page builder and you can use it to create your squeeze page.

The idea is to make it simple, just ask for an email, use the same headline as in the sales video/page, in the thank you page put your affiliate link. Rusell calls this a self-liquidating funnel.

4.     Bought my first solo ads ever. 100 Clicks.

Solo ads are by far the fastest way to build online business; I remember I 100 clicks for about $30(it was cheaper back then). Boom the next day I had 47 new subscribers, three $1 trials and one bought upsell of $47 and the commission was around 22.57, one of those trials paid a full price of $97, that was about 47+ in commission. So I made almost $70 after investing $30, that is $40 in pure profit.

This is how I made my first online commission, I don’t say that if you do exactly what I did you will make exactly what I made, this is just a story of how I made my first really money online, and I still believe that if you do exactly that you have a better that of succeeding than 90% of peoples who are just starting out.

If you want to know what happened after that, it is simple I decided to go back to school and did my masters after almost three years I decided to come back to online marketing.

So what is your story, how did you make your first commission online? tell me in the comment below, and if you never made a commission online yet, it is not late, shoot me an email and I will help you for free.



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