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Why i decided to change my domain name

This is my first post in this new domain name and i am going to tell you why i decided to change my main domain form to

Why i decided to change my domain name

Reasons why i changed my domain name

The dotcom confusion

It started when one of my friend asked me about my domain name and i told her that my domain name was and she wrote and that was wrong and that made me realive that this this probably was confusing a lot of people so i decided to move on with a new domain name.

New Challenge

When i was reviewing my new year goals and resolutions i find out sekidotcom didn’t bring in income the way i thought it i decided that it was a time for a new beginning.

Another reason is that i wanted to participate in Jon Haver mortage challenge and in order to do that i thought that a new domain and a fresh start would be not the worst idea ever.


the new beggining for betther things

The blog was slow

I hosted sekidotcom with hostgator  but i every time i run a test i found out my blog was very slow so i decided to change my hosting provider, i know i could have moved it for free,but combining with reasons i just mentioned earlier i thought was better to just start over.

What will happen to

I love that domain, i will still keep it and i will use it,for now i will leave it there at hostgator but in the future i will move it to another better hosting.My long term plan with the domain it to turn it into a membership site and to keep this as the main blog  and send visitors there.

Another changes i made on my online business

Apart from changing my main domain name,as i said earlier i decided to change my hosting provider from hostgator to wpxhosting. Also i changed my main autoresponder from aweber to convertkit,i will write a different post explaining why also i made those changes.

What to expect from this blog

I have been marketing online for more than three years now and i own sekidotcom since the day one of my marketing online. In that period i had some success and pitfalls,i learned a lot.So in this blog i will be sharing all those my experiences,what worked for me and what didn’t work.

I will be sharing the different methods i learned on how to build a solid passive income online.I want this blog to be a vehicle (a jet) to carry anyone who desire to build passive income online to greater things.

Those are reasons why i decided to change my domain name and i am really excited to restart my journey. My challenge for this year is to make  this blog an authority blog, a go to blog for all those who are interested in creating passive income online.Welcome on board.



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