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Content is still king

What is a website without content? It’s nothing, really. It’s a bunch of addresses on a web server somewhere that don’t actually help potential leads or the business that created the website in the first place.

This can in any form you will, you can create an audio, a video, a blog post, an infrographic and you can use social media to distribute it.

So how do you get really great content?

First and foremost, you create content that is useful and informative to the users that visit the site. This is more important than any search engine optimization (SEO) tactics you could use, or any type of content marketing.

Not only will visitors wander away from the site if they don’t get anything out of the content, but Google may actually penalize the site for it.

This is because Google’s main job is to provide internet users with the relevant content they’re looking for. So they’re not going to deliver a page full of ads or irrelevant content to them.And if that’s what your site is mainly full of, it will drop in the page rankings so no one ever sees it at all.

The second way to make dynamic content that users and Google will both love is to insert SEO tactics into it. This includes making sure that the content uses keywords and phrases, title tags, links, and other SEO strategies.

Again, these cannot be used on their own – it all needs to start with something useful to the reader, but it can take an ordinary page and turn it into a dynamic page that increases the page’s ranking and increases the new customers that flock to the business.

Get out there and start taking action, in no time you will find that your business is taking the who new level, if you want any advice on how to start an online business please feel free to contact me and i will help you in any way i can.

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