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What Are Twitter Hashtags And How To Use Them For Online Business

As a social media user, you have most likely seen a multitude of Twitter posts with the hashtag sign (#). Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard thousands of people talk about it, and seen millions of Twitter users take advantage of this sign.

What Are Twitter Hashtags And How To Use Them For Online Business

As a matter of fact, a lot of famous celebrities and personalities are now tweeting posts that include these signs.

But the question is, can this trendy social media sign help business owners with their online marketing campaigns?

Of course, there are perks that can be obtained from using Twitter hashtags, specifically when used in a strategic fashion. From increasing user interaction to improving communication to developing brand awareness using hashtags in Twitter social media marketing campaigns can boost your efforts in a lot of different ways. Read on to learn more about hashtags and how to use them to their full advantage.

What Are Twitter Hashtags?

In a nutshell, a Twitter hashtag is a phrase or word that is preceded by a # sign. Basically, it is used to organize tweets under a particular umbrella category or topic.

For the most part, people use it before a relevant phrase or keyword (with no space) in their tweets, in order to categorize their tweets, help them show up more easily in Twitter’s search results and to better organize vast amounts of tweet data. With a hashtag sign, you are turning any word or phrase into a searchable Twitter link.

Examples of Hashtags Used For Online Marketing Topics

  • #makemoneyonline
  • #internetmarketing
  • #socialmediamarketing
  • #affiliatemarketing
  • #startups
  • #onlinebusiness
  • #workathome
  • #workfromhome
  • #webdesign
  • #marketing
  • #homebusiness
  • #smallbiz
  • #entrepreneurship

And many more…


How Hashtags Benefit Marketers

As a social media marketer, instilling hashtags in your tweets can be beneficial to you in a variety of ways.

  • Tweets with these signs normally get more engagement than posts without them.
  • They can help improve your reputation and gain more followers on Twitter.
  • They help your target audience find relevant information in a faster, more convenient and more efficient manner.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, hashtagging can also help you:

  • Track conversations that are relevant to your niche – Along with a listening tool, hashtagging allows you to follow the most influential participants in your niche, review hot topics, and pinpoint common trends.
  • Increase brand awareness – Hashtagging allows you to effectively launch new campaigns, get feedback from recent offers, spread the word about upcoming events, and introduce new products. You can create your own brand name hashtag as well that can further develop brand awareness and engagement.
  • Relevant leads – With Twitter hashtags, you are encouraging relevant users to join your conversations and tweets. This, in turn, gives you quality targeted leads that are actually interested in buying your products or subscribing to your newsletters.
  • Higher SERP rankings – With Google Search now indexing them, hashtags can be a valuable tool for trending and increasing SERP rankings.

How To Use Hashtags In Online Marketing

A lot of today’s renowned global brands have their own Twitter accounts, and most of them are taking advantage of hashtags to promote specific campaigns and events. In addition, smaller online businesses are using hashtags to increase their following, build their brand, and generate more leads.

However, the perks of hashtagging can only be possible, when you employ the right strategies. Here are some helpful pointers on how you can effectively use these signs.

  • Fitting branded hashtags – Before you implement your own branded Twitter hashtag, it is essential to find out what type of # makes sense for your objectives and brand. Also, using your brand name with a hashtag can improve your visibility and engage a targeted audience.
  • Don’t Spam – As with links, Twitter hashtags, when overused, will appear like spam. As an Internet marketer, you should have a maximum of three hashtags per tweet. Moreover, avoid hashtagging the same phrase or word twice, i.e.: #Hercules is an amazing film! Everyone go watch #Hercules, it is simply #redundant.

Analytics And Resources

Talkwalker and Hashtracking are comprehensive tools that gather Twitter hashtag data like gender distribution, demographics, reach, as well as, sentiment analysis on a variety of hashtags. These analytic tools can come in handy, as you look for hashtags to use for a marketing campaign or analyzing the results of your Twitter hashtagging campaign.

Searching For Appropriate Hashtags is an advanced hashtag search engine site where you can find popular hashtags, search for those related to your topics by keyword, review usage patterns, in-depth intelligence, and review top influencers.

Final Thoughts

Using hashtags in your Twitter campaigns is essential for many reasons, take advantage of this technique as it can propel your social media marketing efforts forward.

It’s #elementary!