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Being An Information Marketer

Most of the people ask me what is being an information marketer? This is my short answer

For me, that means your market information.  You distribute information.  You relay information.  Think about that for a second.

We operate on the Internet (The Information Super Highway!).  We are marketers who distribute information to those who WANT that information (niche).

Where is information found?  Everywhere!  It’s free all over the place too!  So, why sell it?  You sell it because people buy it, that’s why.  You find a place where people are buying all sorts of stuff and you just get in the way of all that money being spent.

I once gathered a ton of free articles online about a specific topic.  I copied them, pasted them into a PDF and sold the report for $5!

People thanked me for providing them with all those links, and resources and for doing the hard “research” work for them.

As an information marketer, you should know that you have access to tons of information.  It’s all over the place.  You can simply research a topic, master it, and sell it!

Just make sure it’s a topic where tons of people are already buying.  Sell what they are already buying.  Sell what they are buying right now.  Find out what people are buying… and go sell that to them.

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