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Are You Wasting Your Time in Online Business?

Are You Wasting Your Time in Online Business?

Today I want to share one of the best lessons I’ve ever received in the Internet marketing world.

I don’t even remember where I saw this but it had an immediate and lasting impact on my online profits.

This may sound simplistic, but here is the advice:

“Do something profitable first.”

Every day when you first fire up your computer, make sure the first task you perform is something that can generate a profit.

On today’s Internet, it is far too easy to do unprofitable tasks one after another and waste hours upon hours. Fall into these bad habits and in a few months, you’ll be wondering why there’s no money coming in.

However, when you do something profitable FIRST every day and you will steadily grow your income.

I’ll show you some examples from my own past experiences, right after today’s top sponsor ad…


Here’s how the “old me” operated…

Most days when I fired up the PC I started by checking my email. That was a mistake. Yes, answering email is important but it should be done AFTER a profitable task is completed.

Here’s a list of unprofitable or marginally profitable tasks that you should NOT do right away:

  • Check email
  • Go on Facebook
  • Go on Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media site
  • Watch videos on youtube
  • Read a sales letter or watch a sales video
  • Buy a product
  • Shop at Amazon or any other site
  • Feel overwhelmed and watch TV instead of working

While all of those things are perfectly acceptable on a limited basis, they are not making you much, if any money.

So now you may be wondering what things you should do BEFORE you do any of those things. Well, here is a list of things I replaced those with and saw an immediate impact in my earnings…

  • Create a new blog post
  • Contact 2-3 potential JV partners
  • Research and review a potential affiliate product
  • Write a solo email series for a good affiliate product
  • Send a solo email to your list or a solo vendor
  • Add a high-converting affiliate product to an autoresponder series
  • Brainstorm a new product of your own
  • Work on a sales letter for a new product
  • Learn a new marketing skill by reading or watching a training product, then implement it immediately
  • Perform a traffic generating task such as post at a forum, build a link, place an ad or do a guest post
  • Outsource some profitable tasks at fiverr.com

Do you see the difference in this list compared to the list of unprofitable tasks?

The unprofitable tasks take up just as much time, and sometimes more. In fact, it is easy to waste an entire day doing the non-productive stuff. But at the end of the day, you may as well have been sleeping or watching TV.

However, if you do at least ONE of the items from the profitable list BEFORE you do anything else every day, you will steadily grow your profits.

Do this every day for a few weeks and it will become a habit.

Then look back a month or two later and you may be pleasantly surprised to see how much this new habit helped you grow your income. I know I was!

It’s funny how one small change in the way you think or the actions you take can make all the difference in the world.


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