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7 Beliefs You Need To Let Go If You Want To Build Wealth

Everyone want to build wealth and most of us we never achieve it, most of time not because you don’t have what it takes, this is because of your beliefs.

If you’re interested in building an unshakable financial foundation here are seven beliefs you need to let go.

7 Beliefs You Need To Let Go If You Want To Build Wealth

7 Beliefs You Need To Let Go If You Want To Build Wealth

1. Let Go Of Money As Your Goal

I know all we want easy credit check loans, but this should never be your ultimate goal, happy, financially successful people achieve their wealth by going after something other than money. Call it purpose, mission, or passion — it does not matter.
This could be anything from helping less fortunate people, solving a certain problem in a society etc.

Bill Gates became the richest man on planet after he made a software that simplified how personal computers works.

Google solved the problem of searching information online, Facebook solved how to communicate with family and friend, Uber simplifies how to travel in major cities, and the list goes on. If you ask the owners, they will tell you one thing they wanted to solve a certain problem in the society and they get rewarded for it.

2.Let Go Of What Other People Think

Our education system taught us to fit in, people are so concerned about how people thinks, before you do anything in class you need to ask a permission from your teacher, at home you need to ask it from parents.

I am not saying that asking for permission is a bad thing what I am saying here is that we conditioned our mind to do things that are socially correct.

People they will have always opinion about you, some of them they don’t even know you but they will tell you what to do anyway.

When we was kids we were told stories like this

– If you want to be rich, you must become a doctor.
– If you want to be rich, you must go to college.
– If you want to be rich, you must learn coding.
– If you want to be rich, you must get into real estate.
– If you want to be rich, you must save all of your money and keep it for yourself. Never let anyone else have it.

Most of these peoples they have the best interest in you, they just don’t want you to get hurt, they try to protect you, but they are not you, you should always build wealth by doing things that will make you happy and have the freedom that you want.

3. Let Go Of Your Story

Everybody have a story, the story you tell yourself about why you’re struggling financially, the excuses that you keep telling everybody you know that why you didn’t achieve certain things in your life.
I would recommend that you let them go. Let all the excuses go. When you can do that, you create new financial possibilities.
It’s never too late to start fresh. It’s never too hard to learn something new. It’s never impossible to change. It can start now.
Financially successful people take initiative, not just in the area of money, but in all areas of their lives.
As long as you have a story, you’re refusing to take ownership of your life. Owning your life takes continued exercise, and the benefits build slowly in the beginning, like compound interest.

4. Let Go Of Your Expectations

We’re taught that setting high expectations is a winning strategy. But if you want to build wealth, this doesn’t work. Setting realistic expectations that you can get into the habit of exceeding on a daily basis is the most effective way of managing your financial life.
Your financial path won’t be easy. It’ll take longer than you estimate. You’ll go through ups and downs. If you’re impatient, you’ll give up before you should.
Let go of your belief of how it will happen. It’ll never be like that.

5. Let Go Of Your Comfort Zone

Getting out of your comfort zone has to become a habit. Why? Because you’ve got to become the change you want to see in your financial life. This requires action.
Do one new thing a day. It doesn’t matter if you start small, or go slow. It’s your decision. But do one new thing.

6. Let Go Of Your Stuff

We all have different ideas of what it means to be comfortable. The problems happen when we become attached to things as though they reflect our self-worth or value to others.
When we buy a lot of stuff to make ourselves feel good, what begins as a simple expense starts to carry maintenance and disposal costs. You spend your focus on managing your things rather than on more productive activities.
It’s nice to have things, but you need far less than what you believe. The most financially successful and secure people know this in their core. They don’t make their financial decisions out of neediness or the feeling of scarcity.
When you can let go of your stuff, you free up your mind.
There’s a difference between believing that you’re rich because you have so much stuff, and being rich because you have the freedom and capability to do whatever you want.

7. Let Go Of Your Money

Your money is like food for your body. There is a certain amount in Atlanta that you need to be healthy and feel secure. Calculate how much that is (hint: it usually amounts to about 6 months’ worth of living expenses), and gather that money in a separate account.
The rest, however, is most productive when invested in furthering your purpose and supporting your bigger life values. It’s meant to be circulated through your life. If you keep it out of fear, you unconsciously block your longer term financial well-being. Money is meant to be invested, charitably given, and spent toward companies and people who provide you a valuable service.
Those are seven beliefs you must let go if you want to build wealth,by the way if you liked the post feel free to share it,have a great day.


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