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5 Tips to increase your website conversion rate

Increasing website conversion rate is the dream of any website owner, this is the aspects of business that I struggle with it at times and I know a lot of people who face the same problem.

When I am talking about increasing website conversion rate, I am talking about turning your website visitors to your subscribers, fans, and buyers.

1) Target keywords with higher buyer intent

5 Tips to increase your website conversion rate

When you write a review article to sell a product or to promote anything the first thing you should do is to target the keyword with higher buyer intent.

For example if you want to sell baseball bats, if you target how to make your own baseball bats you could probably get more visitors to your site but no one will buy them, this is because if they wanted to buy they will never search for how to make your own baseball bats, but if you write a review article on best places to buy baseball bats, you might get less visitors but most people they will click to your links and many of them they will buy them.

You can use Google keyword tool to find out buyer intent keywords which is free as longer as you have a Gmail account.

2) Create content with higher buyer intent

So now you have found your keywords with higher buyer intent, it is the time to create a great content around those keywords.

You content can be in any form, you can write an article about it, you can produce a video, you can create an audio, infographic etc. There are a lot of ways to present a content just choose one that you feel comfortable with and create the content around it.

If you have enough knowledge in the subject you can write it or you can do a research online about the subject and produce a unique content around the keywords.

If you can do research or you can’t write yourself, you can pay someone to do it for you, you can find many people who can help you to create a great content and you can pay them a fixed amount or you can pay them per hour. You can find people like that in websites like, and so on.

3) Promote products more relevant to your content

This may seem obvious, but there are a lot of website owners who anything in their websites, if you prepare a content about ‘’2 tips to lose weight faster without a diet’ ’make sure the product you’re promoting it is related to weight loss. If you create content about weight loss and you promote a dog training product your website conversion rate will suffer and probably you won’t make as many sales as if you promoted a weight loss product.

4) Create content more relevant to your products

Another way to increase your website conversion rate is by creating a content relevant to your products, for example if you’re selling a software that build squeeze pages, you can create a content that explain how to create squeeze pages using that software and then offer your visitors a chance to use the software, by this way you will increase the conversion rate.

5) Work harder to “warm people up” to the idea of buying the product — sell it better. Don’t just plunk a link in the middle of your page saying BUY THIS THING!

There is a huge problem with most of affiliate marketers, they take an affiliate link and they spam everywhere in the internet and when they don’t make money from it they blame the program and they call it spam.

If you want to increase the conversion rate of your website give value, teach people how to solve their problems, became their trusted advisor (someone they can trust) and then recommend the affiliate product to them.

If you do this they will buy from you and they will thank you for that this is because you’re actually solving their problem.

Final words

Those are five tips you can use to increase your website conversion rate, now it is time to take action, go and implement them and you will see your website conversion rate increase.

If you have any question or suggestion please feel free to leave it in the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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