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5 Steps to Starting Your Own Online Business

So you have decided that you’re ready to start your online business but you’re not sure where to start or what to do.

There are certain things you should do when you’re about to start your own online business and in this article I am going to explain those five steps. So these are five steps to starting your own online business.

5 Steps to Starting Your Own Online Business

Start it

This might seem obvious but most of people who want to start online business they never start, they might join an affiliate program and spam their link everywhere and to every one they know for one week or less then when they don’t make any money they will call it scam and quit.

Starting your online business, it involves things like niche research, products research, building an email list, building your marketing platform and so on. If you never did any of one probably you really never started online business.

Plan it

5 Steps to Starting Your Own Online Business

Another important step on starting your own rewards credit card is planning it, more than 90% of marketers they don’t do this part that is why they fail, you need to have plan on who you’re going to sell, why they will buy from you (hint it is about them not you), where you will find people who will buy your stuffs and also you need to have a very clear idea on what do you want to accomplish.

Fund it

5 Steps to Starting Your Own Online Business

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But if you want to have a real online business then as in any business there are running costs involved, you will need some tools to run your business, you will need to buy a domain name, a hosting, an auto responder, a professional theme for your blog and some software to build your pages, buying traffic etc.

Some of these costs are one time, others are once per year and others are every month, you will need to figure out where to get money to fund your business.

The first place is to look at the mirror and the person you see in it is the person should fund your business, ok I mean you. I think this is the best way to start your own business by funding it yourself.

If you have a job great don’t quit it even if you hate it and if you don’t have one search for a part time job so that you can get some money to fund it.

Another way could be to borrow from your spouse or relative and friends but I must warn you, this might take longer than you think so I think find a part time job is the smart idea.

Market it

5 Steps to Starting Your Own Online Business

So you have a great plan and you have all tools needed to take your business to the next level no one sees it, you know what you won’t make any money.

You will need to market your business; you can do this by using paid marketing methods or free methods, if you have some money I will recommend to start with paid methods as they are faster and it is easy to scale, but if you don’t have any money just go for free methods it may take time but if you put effort you will make it and use the money you make to test some paid methods.

For paid marketing methods I will recommend solo ads and for free marketing methods I will recommend blogging or YouTube.

You can do both if you want and you will get there faster.

Profit from it

So you planned it, you started it, you funded it, you marketed it and now it is time to make profit from it.

Let me be clear in this point, you might make profit in the first intent and that is wonderful but also you might not make it in your first, second or third, you need to be ok with it.

This is a business nothing is guaranteed and if after trying you didn’t make any profit, analyze what might be a problem change it a bit and try it again, if it doesn’t work tweak it and try again, repeat until you make a profit and when you find your profitable formula go big and make huge income, this is what everybody who makes money online does.

So those are five steps on starting your own online business and if you have any question don’t hesitate to ask me via contact form or by leaving your question in the comment box below.



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