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5 Challenges Faced by African Affiliate Marketers (And How to Overcome Them)

Being African myself (now I leave in Mexico). I came across of many other African affiliate marketers and after having a conversation with many of them, I found out that many of them they face a lot of challenges. In this post I am going to point out some challenges faced by African affiliate marketers and how to avoid them.

Affiliate marketing isn’t as easy as all the most of those shady gurus make it out to be.

There is no magic push button, 3 step system that will make your bank account balloon overnight. You won’t be buying a Rolls-Royce by this time next week and you probably shouldn’t quit your job just yet.

5 Challenges Faced by African Affiliate Marketers (And How to Overcome Them)

Challenges Faced by African Affiliate Marketers

Lack of access to the internet

This is the common problem in most of third world countries, in most places (apart from big cities) they lack a reliable or sometimes there is no internet at all, I have friends who have to travel more than one kilometer just to find an internet café so that they can connect and do their internet marketing activities.

How to overcome it

My first recommendation on this will be to into cities where you can get easily internet access, if you can’t it is ok, you can use your phone, instead of using your phone data’s for WhatsApp and Facebook use them for your business, if you have to travel long distance for it just do it, don’t quit.

Low purchasing power of most of African currencies

This is another challenge most of African affiliate marketers face, most of African currencies have a very low purchasing power.

For example, one US dollar is more than 2000 Tanzanian shillings, so if a Tanzania affiliate marketer wants to buy a let say yearly hosting account for $100 he/she will have to pay more than 200,000, the number is huge and this could lead to the mental block. Also I know a lot of people who makes less than that amount per month.

How to overcome this challenge

The first step to overcome this will be accepting the condition and knowing that there is nothing you can do to change that, so what I will recommend is to start online business with those conditions and when you start making money online save some in online accounts like payoneer and PayPal and when you need to pay for your online use those funds. By the way if you badly need cash, forbrukslån loans can help you so if you’re interested, look for
This way you will save some money lost during currency exchange.

Some Merchants does not allow African affiliate marketers

Some big merchants like clickbank does not allow African affiliate marketers, this could be because of number of reasons from currency exchange policies, fraud protection, lack of clients from those areas etc.

How to overcome this challenge

If you’re want to use clickbank to sell online products there is an easy way to overcome this, just sign for a payoneer free debit MasterCard, they will give you a USA bank account and a USA address, you can use those to register in clickbank and then ask for direct commission deposit to your debit card and when you make any affiliate commission it will be deposited directly to your card.

Payoneer is accepted in more than 200 countries so you can withdraw the money you make at any ATM near you.

For another networks you can use the same methods or you can use PayPal, if you get rejected don’t get discouraged try another network until you get accepted.

Negative attitude towards affiliate marketing

Another  major factor affecting Africans affiliate marketers when comes to online business is negative attitude towards it, many Africans believe that online businesses are mostly for corning them and whenever you talk with them concerning it they will always ask you any African whoever become a  top earner.

How to overcome this
I think it is more a problem of mindset than any other thing. I will recommend to read some books in personal development, you can read books like ‘The science of getting rick’, ‘Rich daddy poor daddy’, ‘Awaken the giant within’ and so on. Those books will help to change the way you think and your mindset.

If you can’t afford to buy those books don’t worry just google them, you will find a very good summary of each of them and that is enough to start with.

Lack of organized information

This is the common problem not only for African affiliate marketers but for all affiliate marketers around the world.

There is a lot of misinformation in internet and most people they don’t know where to start.

How to overcome this

The best way to overcome this is to find a mentor, somebody who gets it, who has been in the same path as you, ask for their advice, follow what they do and take action.

The first place I will recommend is to get a free affilorama account, there you will learn everything you need to know about becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

The second thing I will recommend is to find 10 blogs to follow, you can follow blogs like this one, also there is, and so on, just read their posts, comments and engage with them, they will notice you and they can help you to get success as affiliate marketer.

Final words

This post I wrote especially for struggles that African affiliate marketers face, but those struggles most of other marketers face, especially marketers from south America and Asian countries. If you have any problem or you face one of those struggles and you don’t know what to do feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help you.

Also you could tell me about yourself and if you have experienced any of these struggles in the comment section below.



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